Every map sold in our store is unique. We do not apply varnish or any other finish to our maps in order to maximize the natural appearance of the wood. Maps are precisely manufactured using industrial grade laser cutting machines in Oakland, California and then assembled by hand in the Mission District, San Francisco.

Our maps are the perfect gift for any special occasion. The natural grain of the wood gives them a beautiful appearance, while the exposed screw heads and minimalistic design with a built-in frame is the perfect addition for any room whether you are going for a rustic or modern design.

Three layers of laser cut wood

A cherry layer for the oceans, lakes and rivers, with beautiful natural wood patterns and detailed laser engraving of even the smallest island.

A white oak layer with the land area laser cut to perfection.

A bamboo layer for the frame and detailed laser cutting of every road, highway, pier, bridge and more! 

Covered on top by a durable acrylic glass layer to protect your beautiful wall art for a lifetime. The acrylic glass can be taken out by removing the screws that hold all 4 layers together, if you'd rather display it without any protection.

Laser Cut Wooden Map